5530 Brecksville Rd., Independence, OH 44131

(216) 524-5240

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Located at 5530  Brecksville Road,  RT 21 exit off I-77 South from downtown, and off of Rockside Rd exit from I-77 North, minutes away from the Rockside Road  hotels and business district.

We accept  reservations for large corporate group events and parties with no deposit for the space. Catering menu is available for in house events and carry out as well.

Located only 6 minutes from downtown  Save some $$$ Grab a BEER & a BITE before heading to you next sporting event. Don’t feel like fighting the crowd … Come watch the game here and enjoy our great game specials.


Monday 11am-1am
Tuesday 11am- 1am
Wednesday 11am- 230am
Thursday 11am-230am
Friday 11am-230am
Saturday 11 am- 230am
Sunday 11am-1am

Kitchen Hours

Sun,Mon,Tues until 12am
Wed,Thurs Fri, Sat until 2am
Limited menu after 11pm


Call us or stop in for our current Specials!

We are updating our specials and will have them online shortly!

Thanks for your patience!




Pretzels $5.99

Jumbo stadium pretzels served with honey mustard


Spinach Dip $7.99

served with pita chips


Chicken Tenders $5.99

served with ranch


Mozzarella Sticks $6.99

served with marinara


Cheese Bacon Fries $7.99

served with ranch


Onion rings $5.99

Served with horsey Sauce


Sampler Platter $11.99

pick 3 choice of mozzerlla sticks, preztel, spinach dip, onion rings


Quesadilla $5.99

add $2.99 for chicken

black olives,tomato, onion cheddar cheese ,mozzerlla cheese



Cup $2.99

Bowl $3.99

SALADS Dresssings

ranch, bleu cheese, italian, white french, balsamic vingerette,caesar,


Starter wedge or Caesar salad $ 3.49


Cobb Salad $8.99

Grilled chicken, avocado, bleu cheese, eggs, bacon bits, tomato , romaine lettuce


Spinach Salad $8.99

Spinach, bacon bits, grilled chicken, mozzerella cheese, onion,cucumber, seasonal fruit


Grilled or Buffalo Chicken Salad $8.99

Choce of chicken, tomato croutons, cucumber,mozzarella cheese , bacon bits, romaine lettuce


Anti Pasta $8.99

Provolone cheese,salami,tomato.onion,banana peppers,black olives, romaine lettuce tossed in Italian dressing


Full Wedge Salad $8.99

1/4 head of iceberg lettuce , bacon bits, mozzarella, tomato bleu Cheese




Served with Fries, coleslaw, provolone and tomato

Turkey, ham, capicola, salami, bacon ham & egg, corned beef, cheesesteak

Add double meat for $1.99

Add egg .59 or bacon .79





BBQ Chicken $11.99

Chicken, bacon, onion, BBQ sauce


The Big Meaty Pizza $ 10.99

Salami, capicola, banana peppers, pepperoni, garlic sauce


The Supreme $10.99

Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green peppers, onion


The Veggie $ 10.99

Tomato, fire roasted red peppers, onion , garlic sauce


Pizza Traditional Crust Cheese $7.99

Toppings .99 for each selection

Pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, capicola, salami, spinach, fresh mushroom, Tomato.onion,

roasted red pepper, jalapeno, banana pepper, green pepper,black olives,

Extra cheese $ 1.99 chicken $2.99

Red or white sauce available


Calzone $7.99

Toppings .99 for each selection

Pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, capicola, salami, spinach, fresh mushroom,

Tomato, onion, roasted red pepper, jalapeno, banana pepper, green pepper, black olives

Extra cheese $ 1.99 chicken $2.99



Traditional/ Boneless

served with ranch or bleu cheese and celery

Buffalo mild, medium or hot , cheesy buffalo,cheesy garlic, sriracha chili, cajun, cajun ranch,

bbq, honey bbq, spicy bbq

6 wings $ 5.99

12 wings $ 9.99




All burgers and Chicken Sandwiches served with chips and french onion dip or french fries,and a pickle spear. Lettuce, Tomato and onion available upon request

All burgers are 8oz


Plain Burger $7.99

Topping .79 for each selection

American, swiss, provolone, cheddar, bacon, pepperoni, salami, capicola,

Ham, fresh mushroom, spinach, wing sauce, grilled onion,roasted red pepper,

Green pepper, banana pepper, cole slaw, crumbled bleu cheese, nacho cheese


The Pub Burger $8.99

Fried egg, pickled red onion, taragon mayo,bacon


BBQ Burger $8.99

Cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon, onion Ring


Bacon Cheese Burger $8.99

Your choice of cheese with bacon


Patty Melt $8.59

Grilled onion, swiss and american


Cajun Chicken $8.59

Grilled green peppers and onion with chedder cheese


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $8.59

Grilled chicken, mild buffalo sauce, served with ranch or bleu cheese


Ham & Turkey Club $8.59

Double stack ham & turkey , lettuce , tomato , and bacon





Southwest $8.99

Grilled chicken, tomato, spinach, jalapeno, cilantro lime sauce ,avocado


Turkey Club $8.49

Turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce, swiss cheese


Buffalo Chicken $8.49

Grilled Chicken Your choice of buffalo sauce


Grilled Chicken Caesar $8.49

Grilled chicken, Parmesan cheese , croutons, tossed in Caesar dressing





Cheese steak $8.59

Philly meat, mushroom and onion, mozzarella cheese


Reuben $8.99

8 oz corned beef with sauerkraut and swiss side 1000


Triple Grilled Cheese $5.99

American & Swiss cheese with bacon and tomato


Double Stack Burger $7.99

2 1/3 lb burger on a triple decker bun with special sauce and lettuce


Fish Sandwich $8.99

8oz Cod filet , lettuce, tomato


BLT $ 7.99

Applewood bacon, lettuce, and tomato


Italian Sub $8.99

Capicola, ham, salami, pepperoni, lettuce ,tomato ,onion, banana peppers




Served with chips or fries


Pizza $ 4.99


Cheeseburger $ 4.99


Mac & Cheese $ 4.99


Chicken Tenders $ 4.99